Saturday, August 13, 2016

"His Rains" = 08/13/16 - Jeremiah 32-34

"The last word is, I will have mercy on them" (33:26)
It was sweltering as I worked in the shop yesterday.  Occasionally a cool breeze would find its way in through the open doorways and kiss my sweat drenched body.  I watched the skies, yearning for the rains to come and bring relief from the stifling humidity and heat. Praying the storm clouds dancing about would bless us with the needed moisture.  Bringing refreshment to the plants I was delaying on watering,    

My heart smiled as I saw the skies open up and His rains came down. I thought about how gentle rains give the earth another drink of water. All the plant life opening up to receive this precious gift of life, storing the abundance for the dry days ahead.

Much as I do, when studying and taking in His Word.
How His Word has become a part of my daily essential needs so I may grow and become more like Him.  So He may shine through me.

Continually striving.  Less of me.  More of Him.

I love rainy days.
Actually, I love rain. storms. wind. The  cloud display on His magnificent canvas. I love the sound of rain hitting our tin porch roof as I sit under it, protected from the elements. 
But there are also times, when working in the heat and the rains come on unexpectedly, I stand out in the open and let His refreshment cover over me. Washing me free from the dirt and grime I have accumulated throughout the job. Cooling me down and refreshing me.
And although His rains were brief, yesterday was one of those times when I stood in His gift of delight.

There are other times when the rains aren't so gentle and I will stomp through a puddle. Hold my face upright and drink in the drops falling from the sky. When I laugh in the freedom of being His child.

 I love His rain.

His rain is always a visible reminder to me of how He pours down upon me His Love.
 His Forgiveness.
His Grace.
 His Mercy.

 How thankful I am in knowing our ABBA has "The last word".

What an Awesome ABBA we have. How much He loves us.
"His Rains" coming down upon us. Always.
 "God, being rich in mercy,...
even when we were dead through our sins, made us alive together with Christ".(Ephesians 2:4)

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