Monday, August 15, 2016

"HE IS" - 08/15/16 - Jeremiah 38-40 Psalm 74,79

"God is my King from the very start;

He works salvation in the womb of the earth.

With one blow You split the sea in two, You made mincemeat of the dragon Tannin. You lopped off the heads of Leviathan, then served them up in a stew for the animals.

With Your Finger You opened up springs and creeks, and dried up the wild floodwaters.
You own the day,
You own the night;
You put stars and sun in place.
You laid out the four corners of earth, ...shaped the seasons of summer and winter."(Psalm 74:12-17)

It doesn't matter the circumstance. the situation. the celebration. the sorrow.

anything of life - 
your ABBA Is -  The Great "I AM".

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