Thursday, August 11, 2016

'He Stepped Forward" - 08/11/16 - Jeremiah 26-29

"But in Jeremiah's case, Ahikam son of Shaphan stepped forward and took his side" (26:24)
"This man, along with his father, served as a scribe under Josiah when The Book of The Law was found in the temple (2 Kings 22:8-14).  Ahikam's brother Gemariah also opposed Jehoiakim's burning of Jeremiah's scroll (6:25).  This faithful family was supportive of Jeremiah and was instrumental in saving his life." (Taken from my Bible study notes.)

Immediately, upon reading the above verse, our Christ came to my mind.
How thankful I am it is He whom I depend on.
Unconditionally loved by. 
Accepted by.
Rely upon.
Trust in.
Knowing without a doubt.
He has taken my side.
He is my Defense Attorney so to speak. 
He has promised He has my back when it comes to covering my sins with Grace and Mercy.
With His Blood.
He is the one Who has interceded for me so I may reside with my ABBA in Heaven one day.
For Eternity.
He is the one Who is transforming my heart, my life, the all of me to be more like Him.

No greater Love than The Love Christ has for me.
For you.

He died and rose from the grave proving this.

Why ever would we rely on anyone or anything other than Him.

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