Monday, October 10, 2016

"Belonging" - 10/10/16 - Matthew 12:22-50

"Jesus didn't respond directly, but said, "Who do you think My mother and brothers are?"  He then stretched out His hand toward His disciples. "Look closely. These are My mother and brothers.   Obedience is thicker than blood. The person who obeys My Heavenly Father's will is My brother and sister and mother."(48-50)

It has taken years of saturating my "self" with His Word, prayer, counseling, to finally accept and realize - I am part of His "in" crowd.  I look about my life today and am overwhelmed with the love, acceptance, encouragement, accountability, and most of all, unconditional love, I receive from His family.

My family. 

I pray for those within His Family to never stop looking out to see those who are standing on the outside looking in.  I pray we never forget or don't realize, "we" are who bring those outside, inside to be adopted by Him.  I pray we will never overlook one soul who is longing for the comforts of belonging.  of knowing.  of security.  In Him. 

I pray for those who haven't accepted Him and entered into His Family.  I pray daily the lies they have been taking in will be removed and replaced with His Truth.  His Grace.  His Mercy.  His Forgiveness.

Him.  Our Savior.
"He then stretched out His hand toward"

Not to the select few, but to all.  All.  He wants to call all.  each one.  His Family. 
He desires for no one to be on the outside looking in.


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