Friday, October 14, 2016

"Treasures From Heaven" - Matthew 14, Mark 6, Luke 9:1-17

"Already coached by her mother, she was ready: “Give me, served up on a platter, the head of John the Baptizer.”(Matthew 14:8)

Each time I read this scripture, I find myself wondering what kind of life Herodias’s daughter ended up having.  Did she have nightmares?  Was her heart so hardened by then, that what she did catapulted her into an even more sin filled life?  Or did God touch her heart and break the cycle her mom began? 

Society has taken away the importance of the family unit over the past generations.  I know all of us are called by God to walk differently, thus some women have a career outside of the home (whom I admire for being able to do this as well as being a "mommy"). There were many years we made the decision for me to be a stay at home mom.  Years where we barely made it.  Many years only pulling in $13,000 for our annual income.  Throughout those years ABBA supplemented Curt's income by having me run a daycare, cleaning houses and mowing yards.  Anything to be able to be a stay-at-home mom.  ABBA knew this was a desire of my heart and provided.  Each and every time.  My faith grew as well as our children.  

It breaks my heart knowing I wasn't the best "mommy" I could have been because of times when I was too focused on me and not God.  How very thankful I am God is so much bigger than my mistakes!  I am so thankful too, the main thing I knew and made the most important priority was to teach our sons, and other children He put into my life, about God and His Word. 
From the moment He gave me Adam, my heart was changed.  I knew to my inner most being I must introduce our children to Him.  To know Him intimately.  Looking back, I am also seeing this was all God because at that time, I didn't know Him intimately.  He drew me into His arms and heart through our Adam and Nichalas.  And during those years, He also drew Curt in.

Thinking again about Herodias and the kind of mom she was in training her daughter to dance seductively.  What else did she train her up for.  Was she also willing to give over her daughter's body if needed?  Probably.  Herodias was all about herself.  She saw her daughter as a tool for getting what she wanted.  She had no thought or concern about her daughter's well being.  I think about so many mothers out there today who choose to be the same.  In the world there are so many children being used in the sex trade.  Some women choose to have children on purpose to be used as money tickets from the government, drugs, a tool to "keep a man" or to carry out their sinful ideas. Many are molding their children to carry on the sinful cycle. 

So far removed from how God intended children to be treated. 
The are Treasures from Heaven. 

There is a vast difference between a "mom" and a "mommy", and I often pray for mothers to become "mommies".  I so feel a healthy family unit is part of the progress needed to help recreate a healthy society.  Introducing children to an intimate relationship with God is the hub of it all.  Time around the supper table with each other, talking, listening and sharing each other- without the distractions of the world - aka phones, TV, books, computers, etc.   Making the home a safe haven from the world.  A building tool for a healthy foundation - a healthy cycle to continue on throughout future generations. 
Training them up to give God the glory in any situation they are in. 
Teaching them to make Him the center and core of their world. 
It scares me knowing there are many "Herodias's" training up children in this world - until I remember my Father is in control. 
He is bigger than anything/anyone.  
An article I read years ago about children being stolen by Joseph Kony in Uganda still grabs my heart.  I wonder what type of mother Kony had.  He imagines he’s a reincarnation of Jesus and calls his group “The Lord’s Resistance Army.”  As America becomes further and further from God, what will prevent something like this from happening here?  I am not blaming all sinful choices people make on their parents.  There comes a time when we make our own choices based on our own decisions.
Yet, I can't help but see how some women have taken such an important role and responsibility and lessened it on their priority list.  Time goes too fast, too soon.  There aren't any "do overs".  Once those moments have passed - they are gone.  Often I pray the women whose eyes aren't opened to how precious the gift of a child is - that they will be.  I pray they will see how very important their role is in being the beginning of training up not only their own children, but her future generations.   I pray our ABBA puts other "mommies" into the lives of these children to help in this major job.  He has provided such a big family to help one another.   
I pray that we shall all be "mommies (or daddies) of God". 

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