Thursday, October 27, 2016

"His Kingdom Come" - Luke 17:11-18:14

"Because God's Kingdom is already among you."(17:21)
Looking out the dining room window the other day, seeing the bright yellow leaves scattered about on the lawn, sparkling in the sunshine, I instantly thought, "ABBA has spilt gold this day". 
My heart smiled. 
I am torn in the season of fall.  I am in love with the box of colors He splashes about wherever my eyes fall, yet I am not in love knowing another year is coming to an end.  A symbol of time passing by too fast, too soon.  I am in love with the crispness of the air, yet I am not in love knowing days ahead will be mostly spent inside due to the elements.  I am in love with the scene of harvest being played out upon the fields.  Combines leaving the bean fields swept like a newly vacuumed carpet.  Pieces of corn laying between the cut down stalks and turned over to the mouths of cattle, looking warm and fluffy as their new winter coats are coming in.  Preparing them for the cold winds which will soon be blowing across the naked terrain.  His nature stark against the winter sky, asleep as it awaits the coming spring.
Last night I glanced at the clock as the sun slipped below the horizon and was amazed it was only 5:30pm.  And in the closing darkness He gave us a show of vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, cream, and purples, as He put this part of the world to sleep.   
Throughout yesterday I thought about it being the last day of being 56.  It caused me to think back over the time behind, amazed at the amount of years, and see the many moments "His gold has spilt upon my days".
So many moments throughout the years of when He has filled me with "His Kingdom Come".

"His Kingdom Come", those who are my siblings.  My family.

The voices, laughter, smiles - the all of my family has left their echo in each nook and cranny of my  heart.

How much I love when He uses me to interact with His children.  How much I love to be His child through the Gift of our Savior.  To be celebrating Him in the safety and comfort of each other.

I look back and see how often He showers me with His love through each of His Beloved.  Even times when I haven't makeup on, my clothes are super comfy lounge about or dirty from a day of work, my hair on top of my head, probably containing bits of leaves still there from the quick shake out before showering. I love feeling completely comfortable and accepted with each of His no matter my outward, or even inward, condition.  There are times standing and watching the goings on, my heart seems as though it will burst from the amount of love we have for one another.  Love that is radiating throughout the living of life together. 

How He so blesses my all.
Not only in face to face time, but through the gift of the internet, phones, Skype, and old fashioned "snail mail". My life is so richly blessed, my cup runneth over. 
Finally, I have discovered. In living life to the fullest - it isn't about how we spend our time - it is Whom we are spending it with and for.
My heart smiles in knowing how He has blessed me with the birthday present which continually keeps on giving.
Being part of  "ABBA's Kingdom Come". 
Those He calls "My Beloved".

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