Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"His Time - His Way" - 10/25/16 - Luke 16:1-17:10

"Ah, I've got a plan. Here's what I'll do . . ."(16:4)
It has come to the point where I can laugh when "my" plan doesn't pan out, because I know He is the one in control.  Not me. 
Yet, there are still times I try to take the bull by the horn and run the show.  To live life on my plan or my schedule.

And each and every time I find - it just doesn't happen.
ABBA has shown me, (so many times it is quite embarrassing) He is in control.
Everything is His way - in His time. 
There aren't any exceptions. 

It used to be I had our work schedule down to minutes.  And something would always happen to throw things off, resulting in my being anxious about finishing things up when I deemed they should be done.  I wasn't taking time to visit with our clients, it was all about getting on and off the property to keep "my" schedule.

Then Curt came to work with me. 
Curt is the PR of our company.  Although he is a very hard worker, one of the greatest blessings he gives is in having a cup of coffee in one hand while standing and visiting with some of our clients.  I am thankful this is his gift, for it isn't mine.  I don't like coffee. 

ABBA has opened my eyes to see in actual reality it is my pride that wants me to keep on "my" schedule..  And because of my "pride",  I wasn't liking that "my" schedule was being rearranged.

ABBA continually puts persons in my path for Him to use me and when I am not responding to His lead, He puts all sorts of obstacles in the way of "my" schedule.    From flat tires to equipment problems, He at times is actually hitting me over the head so I will see -  I am missing out on The Divine Appointments He has lined up for me.

He uses Curt and Adam to help me see,  "the work will get done when it gets done".  Which is very hard for my performance driven self to adhere to.  (Thankfully, ABBA is continually transforming me.)
ABBA has opened my eyes to see my life here isn't about the business He has given us, it is about using "His" business for His purpose - to reach out to people.  "His" business is putting us at a persons home on a regular basis, some of them for over 19 years.  Resulting in the blessings of some becoming much more than a client, but a friend.  Someone whom we now share life with.

So, I am again reminded, while thinking about all the work He has lined up for us to do and we are heading into the 11th month of the year, this is about His plans.  Not mine.  One way He uses me is to pray for these persons while working on their property.  Since doing this, He has given me the blessings of seeing His work in action as they have come to or become closer to Christ.  It is such an honor to pray for these persons. 
He has given me this peace regarding not only the business, but in all areas of my life.
His time.  His way.
Anxiety gone.  Faith and Trust growing.
Hearing Him say, ""Come along my child.  Ah, I've got a plan. Here's what I'll do . . ."

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