Thursday, October 13, 2016

"New Life" - 10/13/16 - Matthew 9&10

"But when Jesus had gotten rid of the crowd, He went in, took the girl's hand, and pulled her to her feet - ALIVE!"(9:25)

I so love this word picture He gives me today.

How He has "gotten rid of the crowd" - the crowd of sins. doubt.  lies.  false standards.

How "He went in" - into my soul.  my heart.  my mind.  my all.  

He "took the girl's hand" - He touched me. 
I am that girl.  You are that girl.  He has come in and taken each of us - by His Hand.

He "pulled her to her feet" - those in Him are able to stand up straight.  stand up strong.  stand firmly - because we are now planted in Him.  

"ALIVE" because of and in Him.  No greater way to be.  


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