Saturday, September 02, 2017

"As We Live - Go!" - 09/02/17 - Daniel 11-12

"Men and women who have lived wisely and well will shine brilliantly, like the cloudless, star-strewn night skies.
And those who put others on the right path to life will glow like stars forever."(12:3)

What a promise He gives us!

I love how He speaks so to us, through His Word - His gift of Wisdom for us to drink in. 

How easily we can become bogged down by the lies of this world and forget.

Forgetting this is our temporary place. 
Forgetting we are to be fishers of men. 
Forgetting it isn't about us, it is about Him.  

We are just traveling through to our final destination, bringing along as many as we can to our Savior - Jesus Christ. 

I continually pray our eyes will be wide open to see the persons He has set before each of us on all of the days we are given.  There isn't such a thing as a coincidence in whom we will share moments with.

All moments are our Divine Appointments set up by our ABBA.

How exciting knowing we have the choice to "glow like stars forever" - His stars! 
"Putting others on the right path to life" - to our Savior - our Jesus Christ. 

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