Sunday, September 17, 2017

"By HIS Measure" - 09/17/17 - 1 Chronicles 11-12

"still, he didn't measure up" (1 Chronicles 11:21)
We listen.  
We hear.
We take in. 
We believe.


They either build up or tear down.  We cling to them.  We hear them over and over and at times, "we" are the ones who say them to ourselves.  The ugly, dark comments we would never utter to another.  Out loud.

How often we berate, belittle, betray, and believe - lies. 
Lies the world or self has spoken to us. 
How often we allow those lies to become our "measuring stick",
which only serve to tear down or apart. 

Our ABBA speaks only The Truth. 
His Truth builds up.
It fortifies.
His standards are not double and they are firm. 
We must capture The Truth of His Word into our hearts. 
Chew on them. 
Delight in them. 
Say them aloud. 
Look into your own eyes and tell yourself - "I am His Beloved". 
Look upon others as His Beloved.  All are made in His image.

It is through Him we become - His. 
Transformed.  Fearfully and wonderfully made.  Loved unconditionally.  Covered with His Grace and Mercy. Filled with The Holy Spirit.
Through our Savior we then "measure up".  We become Redeemed.   

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