Thursday, September 21, 2017

"Joyful Noise" - 09/21/17 - 1 Chronicles 24-25

"They cast lots for their duties,
all alike,
the small as well as the great, the teacher as well as the pupil."(25:8)

I noticed while reading through the Number and Services of Musicians there wasn't a section for those who "couldn't do".  who weren't "good enough".  who "couldn't carry a note".

I noticed while reading there was only a listing for those that did.

Our ABBA has given each one of us gifts and talents.  We are all made in His image. 

He doesn't make junk.

I have always wished I were able to sing.  To throw myself into a song and not hurt my ears from the sound coming from within. I have allowed what I and others deemed as a noise, rather than a beautiful sound, determine how loudly I sing out.   

During time of worship I love to close my eyes and pray the words being sung around me.  To hear the different voices being lifted up to our ABBA.  It has always amazed me how when a group is singing, the voices always blend, producing a sound that is pleasing to our ears.  I often imagine how much our ABBA is delighting in the sound coming from within our hearts, through our voices, in worship to Him. 

He made the sound of our voice.  Each one of us has a different, distinct sound. 

How often do we use it for worship of Him?  Either in our singing or speaking.
How often are we producing a sound that is pleasing to Him?

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