Tuesday, October 01, 2013

"Birdhouses or Canoes" - 07/16/13 - Isaiah 18:1-23:18

"On that Day" (18:16) 

No matter the day -
                     He is in control. 

Every day, He gives me free choice, as to what my attitude and outlook will be. 

And there are consequences - good or bad of my choice. 

Looking like another hot one out today! Our plans for a family canoeing trip have been cancelled until next summer due to a change in schedules. I can either have a self pity party or as one of my post says , "always keep my head up, because if it is down you won't be able to see the blessings that have been placed in my life". 

Thanks to Abba, I am choosing to "keep my head up!"  

 Our evening last night: I requested the five of us each create our own birdhouses.

All of us together, in the shop, creating, helping each other, working on designs, He gave us to create.  Houses which will go up in the new flower bed. A place where I will look out the window and be reminded how I couldn't stop smiling last night, watching ..."my" family create together. 

I love that Amber made a bat house.

I so love seeing how she delights in life, being around Nichalas and his silly sense of humor, how serious Adam takes this design project, Curt's creativity - seeing the gifts and talents Abba has given my family of five building "His birdhouses" in their lives.  

Sharing with Amber, yet another reason I love having her as family - the odd number of five birdhouses will look much better than the even number of four.  Her eyes got really big as she shared she had just read that in an article about decorating.

 Talking with Nichalas yesterday in how Abba has changed my heart, removing the bitterness, anger, self pity, jealousy, when time spent isn't "fair". Nichalas said he is thankful because of the joy he sees in me, for the burden lifted knowing it had caused me pain and he felt responsible for bringing about some of those feeling. How ashamed and sorrowful I felt, recognizing my selfishness, keeping count, not taking the blessings I did get and being thankful - for wanting more - put upon our child. Such gratefulness in his forgiving me, as I grow through this season of being a MIL, for his heart which is so full of grace and mercy. How I delight in our sons and daughter's hearts, being totally of their own faith, sold out "in" Him.

Abba has made me realize too, how often when I am so wrapped up in "myself", keeping count in the unfairness of life, I am hurting His heart. Saying the innumerable blessings He showers upon me - aren't enough. To take those blessings and throw them back into His face. Putting myself in His place by determining what I think is better.

I love how He is opening my eyes to the "ripples" of all my choices, to how many and how deeply they will touch. I am so thankful He continues to transform my heart so "ripples" glorify Him.

To focus on "birdhouses" rather than "canoe trips".

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