Tuesday, October 01, 2013

"Puppets" - 05/31/13 - Proverbs 14:1-16:33

 "The evil of bad people leaves them out in the cold;
    the integrity of good people creates a safe place for living." (14:32)

It seems that those outside of Christ always have "puppets", standing in their shadow and supporting all they do, as though they are god.  It is when you really look, even though they may be surrounded by crowds, they are still alone and in the cold.  They aren't covered "in" Christ blood, which binds them together - heart to heart - to others - to God. 

They are always searching, often times destroying any who are in their paths.  Even those who are in their following. 

All is for their "self".   

For the past few years, we have been meeting almost every Wednesday night for Bible Study.  It is within this "family" that I have grown, been held accountable, loved, cherished, honored, lifted up.  I have found "a safe place for living". 

A place where I can be the me He created me to be and am accepted. 

Always, I was on the outside looking in.  The world is ruled by the puppet masters, those with double standards, using others as a scapegoat, leaving some living "in the cold".  Today, He has given me my "family" through His church and I recognize them because of His Word.  I am able to determine through His Word, who lives life for and in Him, from their fruits.  Those that are in Him, are continually striving to be Christlike in their walk.  I see in them grace, mercy, forgiveness, and most of all, unconditional love.

This "safe place" consists of fellowship, digging into and consuming His Word.  His Truth.  Growing us as individuals and as family.   

He has transformed my heart, even though it is sorrowful, having been dismissed and rejected, no longer do I desire to be with those who are "out in the cold" - those of the world.  How wonderful it is He had me "never fitting in".  Curt and I have prayed and He has opened our eyes to the Truth of exactly what we have been trying to fit into.  He has given us the "green pastures" of life "in" Him.   My heart breaks for what breaks His, not for self.  No longer am I a part of the equation.  Still, I am on the outside looking in at the world,  except now, I am standing firm In Him and His Truth. 

I am at peace. 

No more am I a puppet to the world who feel it is god.

I have walked away.

I am with others who have " the integrity of good people creates a safe place for living."

My family "in" Him.

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