Friday, October 25, 2013

"They" - 10/25/13 - Matthew 21:28-22:33, Mark 12:1-27, Luke 20:9-40

"Try as they might, they couldn’t trap Him into saying anything incriminating. His answer caught them off guard and left them speechless." (Luke 20:26)

It is a guarantee -  "they"  will come -  "they"  will lay in wait -  "they"  will try and trip up -

  "you"  - The Vessel For God. 

"They"  will try to trap  "you"  - The Vessel For God.

"They"  are those who will come to dislike or even hate,  "you"  - The Vessel For God.

"They"  are those who do not like what they see in  "you"  - The Vessel For God - because it brings out the worst of  "them".

"They"  are those who refuse to see  "you"  - The Vessel For God - the way He has made  "you"  - reborn "in" Him.

"They"  will always be around  "you"  - in your life's path - making sure  "you"  - The Vessel For God - know how  "they"  perceive  "you". 

"They"  will always be there - to judge  "you"  - bully  "you"  - condemn  "you"  - try to change  "you"  back into what  "you"  were - sometimes dismiss and ignore  "you" .   "You"  -  The Vessel For God.

"They"  and God - do not, can not, mix. 

"They"  are into serving  "self"  - not God. 

In my encounters with  "they"  - I have found simply stepping back and not saying anything, often works more than if I were to speak.  I have experienced time after time, when I let my Abba handle the situation -  "they"  haven't a leg to stand on.  I have experienced time after time, when I stand on/in His Word,  "they"  back away from His Truth. 

It amazes me how  "they"  become so overconfident  "they"  feel  "they"  are above God. 

Thankfully, I am His.  He is mine.  I am covered by His Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, through my Savior. 



There are times.

I take on the characteristics of  "they". 

There are times when I fool myself that I am able to put  "self"  above God and live life  "my"  way.  It is during these moments, time and time again, I fall into the traps set before me, from  "self"  or  "they"  or  satin. 

"Me"  - A Vessel For God -  have learned, it is only "in" Him, am  "I"  - A Vessel For God,  able to stand firm against   "they"........

"satan" .............

or  "self".

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