Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Pharaseeism" - 10/19/13 - Luke 14:25-17:10, John 11:1-37

ABBA has put into my mind this verse,  "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32).  I had been allowing myself to pick up doubt when attacked by self.  Doubting if I really did believe.  If I really was, "what I seemed to be". 

He has taken these words and led me to see - I AM HIS. 

My heart, soul, mind, are totally sold out for Him.  I abide "in" Him.  I continually am striving to be more Christlike.  Not for my own glory, but His.  I have realized, His Truth - it sets me free from all bondage.  From my past sins.  Sins I committed when I did not walk "in" Him.  Sins I would not even be tempted to commit today, because He has removed those desires from my heart.  I rest assured I am His.  He desires me.  He loves me.  He sees me as Pure and Holy, because I have Christ in my heart.  I love His Word.  I love The Holy Spirit who guides me.  Who I strive to follow. 

I am not by any means declaring I am perfect, or better than anyone else.  A sin is a sin, and I do sin.  The difference in who I am today versus yesterday, is I am striving to take His avenue of escape from temptations more often than not.  I have prayed my heart will break over what breaks His, and it is happening.  I also know by standing in His Truth, I am free from the mantles of scapegoat and shame the world wants you to wear.   He has opened my eyes in how wearing those mantles, others will heap their blame upon me, bullying me to become what they think I should be.  Standing up "in" Him, feels almost hard hearted, refusing the unwarranted blame, because it is being totally out of my comfort zone. 

But, He is showing me, I am standing in His Truth.   

Finally, His opinion of me is all I am concerned about.  I no longer care what others say, think about me.  As long as I am walking His way, not causing someone to stumble in their walk, I know I am heading the right way.  He is showing me being a Pharisee, isn't all it was cut out to be.  It is not a "club" I want to belong to and thankfully, because of Him, I never fit into it.  

It is actually heading towards hell. 

And I do not want to be apart from Him. 

In this life or the next. 

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