Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Covered" - 10/30/13 - Matthew 26:31-35, Mark 14;27-31, Luke 22:31-38, John 13:31-15:17

"They found nothing. Plenty of people were willing to bring in false charges, but nothing added up, and they ended up canceling each other out." (John 14:56)

The scene above will also take place when I am standing before my ABBA one day.  The choices I made, the consequences of them, the sins I committed - all of the "bad stuff" - it will all be there - unhidden. 

I used to become afraid, ashamed when I thought about that upcoming moment.  Jesus wiped all of those emotions from me with His Truth. 

His Truth being, He has me covered.  All of us covered.

He stands in front of all the "bad stuff", covers it, secures it out of sight, out of mind.  He erases it.  All of it.  Our ABBA will find nothing.

If we allow Him to. 

First I had to accept Him, along with His grace - mercy - forgiveness.  This wasn't a "free ticket" to live a lifestyle of sin.  It was a promise for the times I did not take ABBA's escape from sin, when I have a repentive heart, to strive to be more like Christ -

I am covered. 

When ABBA sees me standing before Him, Christ is in front of me.  ABBA is looking at me through Him!  I am made Holy and Pure - through my Savior. 

It has taken great growth and maturity in my Christ, to accept that gift here and now, while living in the world.  There are persons who see Christ in me and want to tear me down.  It used to be whenever I would hear something someone had drug up about my past, lies they had compiled upon those incidents, I would cringe in shame.  I would become defensive and expel so much energy in trying to clear my name.  I was trying to be my own savior, rejecting His gift of The Cross. 

I was rejecting Christ, my Savior.

Finally, I am resting in His Truth and thoroughly drinking in The Fruits of The Spirit.  It doesn't matter what I say, do, or act.  How many days have passed while living my life "in" Him, there are some who will always choose to see me through their own vision.  I am unable to change them to see me for "whose" I am.   That is their own heart issue between them and God.

My Savior has me covered. 

I am able to enjoy the freedom in knowing, I am no longer that person.  The person I am today, isn't even tempted, lost, bumbling about trying to fill a void, to live as I did then.  In this last case of a person doing this, ABBA gave me the blessing of a smile.  He pointed out to me they were referring to sins from 36-40 years ago.  He gave me the blessing of seeing how walking in His Truth for the past 29 years has left His mark on my footsteps.  He has blessed me in knowing the times I have sinned - no matter when they occurred - because I am His - I am forgiven. The ultimate Sacrifice of my Savior, has also taken "shame" from me.

My Savior, He has made me perfect in ABBA's eyes.

Standing firm "in" Him, facing the world - knowing without a doubt - even when I do sin, confess, ask forgiveness - regardless of their response -  in accepting His gift of The Cross - ABBA has "found nothing".

I know.

I am covered.

 Forgiven by whom it really matters - Him. 


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