Friday, November 28, 2014

"Best Bargain Ever" - 11/28/14 - Acts 18:19-28; Acts 19:1-41

"putting fresh heart into the disciples."(18:23)

I love how our ABBA does this to each of His. 

"putting fresh heart into the disciples."

He does it through His Word, His family, His nature.  He does it in so many ways. 

I pray during this beginning of another holiday stampede, you won't miss out on the gift of His fresh heart.  I pray you won't become so focused on what the world proclaims to be the bargain to beat all bargains, you miss out on His.  I pray you will remember and gift to all you know that "He" is the true meaning of not only Christmas, but each and every day.

Only He is able to give us a new start with a fresh heart. 
The Real Deal of a lifetime. 

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