Monday, November 17, 2014

"Upon Us" - 11/17/14 - Acts 4-6

"As all those who sat on the High Council looked at Stephen, they found they couldn't take their eyes off him - his face was like the face of an angel!(6:15)

Do you remember what you think upon seeing their faces? 
These "angels" of God.

These "angels" whose beauty from within radiates outwardly.   Is it impossible to tear your eyes off of them?  Do you recognize He is giving you a glimpse of His wonderment and awe, face to face? 
Many such "angels" come to my mind and my heart instantly smiles.  How much I delight in sharing life with them.  Growing from their example.  Striving to be more like ABBA because of their witness. 

It isn't the way ABBA arranged their features or how artfully they have put on makeup, worn a color to match their complexion and eyes.  It is because ABBA resides completely in their hearts that they have "the face of an angel". 

I see it in the little faces of young ones.  I see it in those the world has deemed "abnormal" because of mental or physical handicaps.  It is the innocence, the trust, the delighting of life that isn't tainted or completely covered up by sins of self or the world. 

I see it in the faces of couples, parents, families, looking at those their hearts are sold out to.  In the gentleness of their embraces, nurturing, building up, guiding, strengthening each other. In the glances they share, secrets only they know betwixt each other, their special bonds to one another. 

I see it beneath the wrinkles of those whose skin has aged throughout their years.  In their work worn, gnarled hands, clasped together in prayer.  In the callouses on their knees from years of kneeling before their ABBA. In the twinkle coming from the depths of their eyes hidden behind thick lens.  I see it as they clutch His Word, pages worn from years of reading, to their whole beings, completely merged into their hearts, minds, soul. 

I see His beauty in the faces of His many angels and He takes my breath away.

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