Friday, November 14, 2014

"Up Close and Personal" - 11/14/14 - Matthew 28; Mark 16

"Tell His disciples and Peter"(Mark 16:7)

I remember cutting across the field to go to church when I was young.  By the time I hit the middle, the ground had become mud, clinging to my tennis shoes, making it almost impossible to lift my foot for another step.  I can remember the embarrassment and shame I felt after my mom sent me back home to change my shoes - by way of the road.  I hadn't realized the field would be that wet as the edges were dry and didn't want to go back to face the people who had seen my error.   

But, you know what I love most about our ABBA?  Is how He knows, really knows, from the top of our head to the tips of our toes - knows each and every one of us. 

Even if we choose to not know Him.  To go our own route. 

It isn't a slip of the tongue that Jesus mentioned Peter by name with the disciples.  It isn't that Peter was extra special.  In different scriptures John was called "the one Jesus loved".  As we all are.  We are all "the one Jesus loves".  The Cross was proof of that.

And just as He loves each of us, He also knows when we need encouragement, affirmation.  He knows when we are beating ourselves up and need to know the gift of forgiveness.

I have been in the shoes of Peter.  Denying that I knew Christ was a way I lived many years of my life.  I was living in and for the world, even though I grew up hearing what He had done for me.  I never accepted His gift of "Him" for myself.  I never took it personal. 

In the shoes of shame, doubt, regret, Peter was blinded to the fact that Christ would still want to have Him in His arms again.  How often do we put on those same shoes?  These shoes, so caked in "mud", we are weighed down and feel we aren't going to make it.  How often do we believe the lies over His unconditional, mind blowing, full out, LOVE? 

That is why He knows each of us by name.  That is why we are the most important part of His creation.  That is why He calls out to us continually. 

He wants nothing more than to be up close and personal.  With each one of us.

Take off those shoes and run as fast as you can towards Him.  He is calling out your name. 

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