Monday, May 11, 2015

"Dancing With My ABBA" - 05/11/15 - 2 Sam10; 1 Chronicles 19; Psalm 20

"That clinches it - help's coming, an answer's on the way, everything's going to work out." (Psalm 20:6)

The sky to the east was dark over in Missouri.  You could see the sheets of rain off in the distance.  I was in a dilemma - having another two hours to complete the mowing job I was on and another hour plus at another site.  The man had called asking if it were possible to mow for him until he had bought a lawnmower and his yard hadn't yet been mowed this season.  I had given him my word I would take care of his yard later that Saturday evening - before dark.  This storm blowing in hadn't been part of my plan. 

My mind was wrestling over leaving Huber's to go take care of his lawn and coming back Sunday to finish it up or to continue where I was.  I prayed over what to do and He instructed.  "Stay and finish".  I felt the drops of rain began to fall as I loaded up my mower, thankful ABBA had held off the storm long enough for me to complete Huber's.  Pulling up to the stop light where I usually headed right to go home, I instantly felt a strong pull to go left.

I could vaguely see them a few blocks ahead. There they were, right after the start of 8th street, two persons, huddled together against the wind along the side of the road, trying to pull their hoods over their heads.

He told me, "They are your Divine Appointment, give them a ride". 

Immediately many "What if" thoughts came surging in as I drove past my turn pulling up along side of them.  They broke apart to look at me as I stopped, and I saw they were not two, they were three.

In the middle of them was a little girl. 

Climbing in we took off and I deposited them another five miles to their home.  They had decided to take a hike and got caught in the storm. 

Alone in my truck on my way home, dirty and tired, mowers behind me, I knew as my heart smiled

 my ABBA needed me as part of His Plan.

He knew they would be in need of a ride.
He used me.  His time - His way. 

The skies opened up and the rains beat down when I had been home for just a bit.  I looked at Curt and said, "they would have never made it to their home before this". 

The man, when I called to apologize about not getting to his lawn, wasn't at all upset.  Tuesday would be soon enough.

How much I love He has given us the choice to have faith and trust in Him during the dance of storms in life we will and do get caught in.  We need only to listen and follow His lead. 

How much I love that nothing is a coincidence - our ABBA is always in control.

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