Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Pass HIM All of the Potatoes" - 05/17/15 - 2 Samuel 16-18

compared to that this Benjaminite is small potatoes." (16:11)

There are times when we come up against a piece of life and forget God is bigger than anything. 
Or anyone. 

These are the times we bend down and pick up Doubt, instead of picking up His Word.  

Looking back behind us, the events we turned over to Him, which seemed so big at the time, are sometimes such a distant memory we have to really dig to remember. 

And though He is bigger than all, He wants us to give over to Him everything, even the small potatoes. 

If not, we are in danger of becoming so full of "self" taking care of the "problem", we forget about Him.  We begin to rely and live on/for  "self" - until the next "big potato" comes along - then we run to Him for help.  Or become angry our "self" world has been invaded. 

To escape the trap of self-love our focus needs to be on Him continually, never doubting He will take care of us........

regardless of the size of the potatoes. 

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