Monday, May 25, 2015

"Part of His Army" - 05/25/15 - 1 Chronicles 23-25

"They were on regular duty to serve God according to their assignment and the required number." (23:31)

I can remember walking through Arlington Cemetery years ago with Curt.  As I read the grave markers, my heart was overwhelmed with sorrow.  Looking up to see Adam and Nichalas walking ahead of us, alive, while those surrounding us had died at a younger age than they were at the time.

This day - Memorial Day -  marks a day when we honor all of those who have given their lives, not only in death, but in time, pain, sacrifice, for the freedom we are gifted with today. 

War began when satan wanted to take the place of God. 

And each of us have been given an assignment in this war for souls. 

Before he died, all David was doing in preparing and delegating the people, was centered around God. 

Much different than our country and so many other places in the world.  If I didn't know God was in total control, know He has my back, know I am in the Palm of His Hand, I would be afraid.  Afraid of the consequences our country is facing, and going to face, because of the choices the leaders, elected by the people, are making. 

I look at all the young persons in our lives and wonder what this world will be like when they are my age.  I am so thankful our whole family is part of His Army, knowing we are part of the hope for the future.  There is nothing new under the sun, and life goes through regular cycles.  I love knowing our children have chosen to be His Disciples and His Army is continuing to grow in those He touches through them.  I love there is hope in this dark world and we are a part of that hope.  I am honored and blessed in seeing throughout their lives, they have allowed themselves to be His Vessels.

It is alarming how rapidly our country is spiraling downward.  How quickly the forces of evil are making things, which before have been tolerated, now openly approved of.  How the sins of the world are becoming the normal and the ways of God have been "black listed". 

History shows us throughout time, a empire will kill itself from within, when ruled by sin. 

As we are being ruled by sin.

The ones in charge become so overloaded with self power, they crush and destroy the ones who are under them.  Sinners, who believe their way of life is the way for all, end up being killed by the very sins they are pushing to "become".  They are pushing their rights, all the while stepping over and trampling ours. 

Prayer in schools - out. 

"In God we trust" becoming out on the money. 

Ten Commandments displayed in a courthouse - out. 

God's ways being taught in schools - out. 

God's family order - a minority. 

People upholding human life over animals. 

Wars raging throughout the lands. 

The cancer of sin is spreading throughout our world.  It is not a silent killer anymore.  It is blatant in rearing its ugly head, intent on destroying anything and anyone that walks in God. 

The spiritual battle is plain to see - are you looking? 

Are you taking a stand "in" Him?  Are you putting on His Armor every day, ready to fight?  Not only for the Army of God, but for those who are lost outside of Him.
We are promised He will fortify us with all the weaponry needed in the spiritual war surrounding us.  This is why we are here - to go as we live and make Disciples.  We each have different gifts and talents, are you using them for His glory?  or are you standing back, silently watching evil unfold its dark wings?

To fight this cancer of sin, we need to be on regular duty to serve God according to our assignment.

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