Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"He Knows and still" - 05/20/15 - Psalm 5, 38, 41-42

You know me inside and out,
You hold me together,
You never fail
to stand me tall
in your presence
so I can look you in the eye." (Psalm 41:12) 

It amazes me how often I try to convince myself my ABBA doesn't really know me............that if He did, He wouldn't really love me as He says He does. 

His love - it is so unconditional, so overwhelming, so............incomprehensible. 

It isn't until I get to heaven that I will know through and through - without a doubt - the extent of His love. 

And satan loves I can't comprehend the whole picture of His love. 
he loves I doubt, when I put myself down, beat myself up, when I mess up. 

This is where Amazement comes into the picture. 

I know what I am like inside, down deep.  I know the hidden thoughts I have, the silent words I think,

I know the dirt on me. 

And in all of that "knowing", He knows me even better - through and through - "inside and out". 
He "Holds me together".  He doesn't leave me in a jumbled mess.  He "holds me together". 

I think about when you hold onto something or someone who is in a mess - usually it is close to your heart.  You are then able to use your body and your hands in "holding it together".  This is exactly where God holds me. 

Close to His heart.

And when He has achieved putting me back together,
He holds me at eye level and admires me. 
He drinks me in. 
He desires to be the center of my life. 

He loves me.

satan and self want me to believe I have to hide from Him when I am a mess.  Through His Word I have learned truth. 
He stands me at eye level to Him - so I can look Him in the eye and we can celebrate together. 

This makes me think about the connection Curt and I have after all these years of sharing life together - of taking time, energy, getting to know each other. When at a social event, across the room from each other, we can look at each other and know what the other is thinking.
Without any words - just a look.

This is the connection I have with my ABBA. 

With just a look I know - I am His and He is mine.

Amazement in knowing -  this is all our ABBA wants from each of us. 

To be His and Him be ours.

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