Thursday, July 09, 2015

"ABBA's Miraclegrow" - 07/09/15 - Isaiah 5-8

"But there's a holy seed in those stumps." (6:13)

 We have been clearing brush here and after cutting, spraying the stumps, some of the honeysuckle and locust continue to show signs of life, even after the fourth spraying. 

Awhile back during church service, our worship leader shared how someone had asked him if he would ever turn away from God. When he replied, "no", they told him, "he had not went through his Job moment".

Curt and I were discussing this and each of us acknowledged we have went through our "Job moment/moments". Those times which we were cut down, sprayed with the intent to destroy, and still we persevered.

But only because of our ABBA.
Being connected to Him, His Holy Spirit continually grows us - no matter the "Job moments".

I look back now and see the sprouts which grew up amongst the debris of warfare.
He has never, nor will ever, stop nurturing, pruning, shaping me into becoming the woman He designed me to be. What the world walked away from and left as just a "stump" - my ABBA saw beauty in The Holy Seed within. 

How thankful and blessed I am in how He "grew" me from my "Job moments".
My roots run deep in Him.

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