Thursday, July 09, 2015

"Growing Me" - 07/08/15 - Isaiah 1-4

"Come, family of Jacob, let's live in the light of God." (2:5)

 A couple of years ago we each began taking a turn and picking out our annual family project.
Two years ago I asked we build birdhouses and last year Amber came up with the idea to build frames, wrap them in canvas and paint. Which we are still waiting on one family member (aka Curt) to finish his.  One day.

I shall treasure forever the family time of building, painting, and two persons just sitting there trying to come up with something to paint, providing us with many memory making moments and laughter. 

This year, Nichalas has chosen to convert our carport into a greenhouse.  The materials are here - waiting.  The rains have not let up enough for the earth to dry out in order to dig out and pour a cement floor.  With less than a week before they return to AZ, I am thinking his project will be done without them. 

Even so, their time with us this year has been filling my treasure chest of memories to get me through to the next time - Christmas. 

My family from ABBA - brings much delight to my soul. My heart. My mind.  

I am thankful ABBA has changed my heart to not keep count anymore on our time together versus apart. He is showing me each moment spent with them is to be cherished. Not calculated and weighed. He is also helping me to not be selfish. 

That is the hardest part.

And what a burden this selfishness has put upon our children. How He is growing me!!!

How thankful I am to have Adam back here living in Quincy. The icing on the cake would be to also have Nichalas/Amber here as well. I am struggling with the selfishness of mom versus the joy of being His Servant. 

Only because of ABBA am I able to be thankful that Nichalas/Amber are being used by Him in His mission field so far away.  Only because of looking at life through His eyes when we visit them,  am I able to see all the many children's lives - and their families - He is using them to touch through their job of teaching. That Nichalas has a job as a teacher is in itself a miracle. He is going to school to get his bachelor's. They are living in a place where charter schools are available to hire him without that degree.

Only because of ABBA am I able to see there is pain in being a family of Him.

It is because we follow Him, not ourselves. 

And at times, that means not doing what we want. Not living where or as we want. 

Only because of Him am I able to be content with the moments we have when together.
Only because of our Savior am I confident that one day we will all be together 24/7.
Only because of Him am I loving living life with my family "in the Light of our ABBA".

It also helps the mom side of me - God willing - they plan to be moving back in five years.............

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