Tuesday, July 07, 2015

"KING Over My All" - 07/07/15 - 2 Kings 15; 2 Chronicles 26

devastating both the town and its suburbs because they didn't welcome him with open arms. He savagely ripped open all the pregnant women. (2 Kings 15:16)

Throughout the readings as of late, my heart is torn by the destruction and evil reigning throughout the chosen people of God. And all because they wanted a king - to be like the other nations. They insisted, even when warned and told what their future would be like, serving under a human king, rather than under God.

Be careful what you wish for.

Praying, wishing to become wealthy.
 Sometimes it happens through the inheritance or life insurance policy from the death of a loved one.
For the big house on the hill - and sometimes you become "house poor", not able to enjoy life.
To be thin -  and sometimes your body is robbed of any fat from cancer spreading throughout.

I'm not saying it is wrong to share your heart with ABBA in regard to all aspects of life. He already knows your heart anyway! I am not saying He will allow "bad" to happen from desiring good things.  What is wrong is to take the "things" and make them your "king". He wants us to enjoy life and the blessings He rains down upon us. He doesn't want them to become more important than He is.
For 26 years we had tried to purchase a home. Many times we found "the perfect place" and something would happen to make it fall through. I was placing my worth in having a home, the American dream. At times it was embarrassing having to say we rented rather than owned.

ABBA allowed us to live in an old farm house for 16 years.  We set up an agreement with the landlord that we would one day be allowed to buy it. In the end, the landlord went back on their word and all the work, sweat, money we put into the place was for their benefit.  In the marvelous way He works, within a month we were blessed us with the home He has given us now. We were the only persons to look at it. He gave it to us under appraisal value.

Before this home, we were planning on building. A builder, plans, finances were all lined up, but we couldn't find land that fit into our budget. During this time of frustration, Curt reminded me of a sermon years ago Larry Smith preached regarding monkeys and coconuts. The monkeys will make a hole big enough for their hand to fit into, but too small to extract it when filled with the coconut meat. Because they refuse to let go of the meat, they will die of starvation.

Curt suggested perhaps I needed to let go of the dream of building, my coconut meat.
And when I did, He gave us the whole coconut - this home.
I had to have faith and peace in regard to His time, His way.

Whenever we drive by one of the "perfect places" we didn't get to buy, I lift up a prayer of thanksgiving. He has changed my heart to see it isn't about the house, or the place. It is how we see all He has given us as a blessing.  What we have or are, isn't our worth or to be our "king".

 It is only when I make Him my King over all, am I able to be content. I have come to know, without a doubt, even if all blessings I have been given were to be stripped away from me, I am His. 

I know My ABBA is THE KING.
My Home is with Him.
And me - I am His daughter - princess of The King.
Who happens to be living temporarily in this home we call "ABBA'S Coconut".

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