Monday, July 06, 2015

"I am Redeemed" - 07/06/25 - Jonah 1-4

"Everyone must turn around, turn back from an evil life and the violent ways that stain their hands." (3:8)

 My hands are calloused, worn, leather lined. My hands are "work hands". They are also stained this time of year. No matter how much I scrub. 

To have "lady like hands", would mean changing my way of life and unless ABBA tells me He has another job for me, I will continue digging in the dirt. Taking care of grasses. Clearing brush. Spraying chemicals for unwanted plant life. This way of making a living isn't "violent". It gives me great peace and joy.

 It is a blessing.

But there are times when my choices create storms. Either outside or within my soul. I love reading how during this storm, ABBA in His Mightiness, caused the sailors to believe and worship Him. I love how He always is in control, even during the darkest part of the storms, and His Glory and Ways prevail.
No longer do I try and "run away from God", but there are times when I am as Jonah. When my "violent ways" are Self-righteous. Putting my "self" above ABBA. When I believe my sins are "less" than others. (A sin is a sin. There aren't any levels.) And it is then the storms come raging in.

It isn't that I am calling my Savior a fish. But in a way, I guess I am.
You see, He was the great fish who swallowed me when I was drowning in the depths of my sins.

Unlike the fish who swallowed Jonah, my "fish" didn't and won't be vomiting me out. I am in Him and He is in me. 


And my hands.
My hands that were stained from my sins.
They have been scrubbed, bleached, renewed by The Blood of my Savior. 

In His own special way, He has put on me the gloves of "grace and mercy".
I am Redeemed by His Blood.
What a Savior.

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