Thursday, July 16, 2015

"The Best Go To Manual" - 07/14/15 - 2 Chronicles 28, 2 Kings 16-17

"indulged in the outrageous practice of "passing his sons through the fire," a truly abominable thing he picked up from the pagans God had earlier thrown out of the country. (2 Chronicles 28:3)

My heart is sickened when picturing this practice. So many recordings in Scripture of how far away from ABBA people became and in this place the things they did to their children. Some practices would place the live babies into the walls they were building as sacrifices. There were times when children were eaten. beaten. sold. put into sex trafficking. aborted.

Things done then, still done today.

And I wonder, how do you come to such a place.

It happens when we walk away and are totally focused on "self".

So many children throughout time have not been treated as the beautiful blessing they are from our ABBA. They have not been trained up "in" ABBA, nurtured, protected, cherished, treasured, loved in the family He designed. In many streets, of any country, you will walk and see children on their own. Resorting to any means to survive. Being taken advantage by those who are stronger, many without any way to escape. Children who are "being passed through the fires of worldly desires".
Being a parent isn't about being a buddy or living life for self. It is about sacrifice. It is about putting another's needs above your own - even when there isn't instant "rewards" or "gratitude". There are so many moments when you feel you aren't measuring up, want to throw in the towel, crying out for "Calgon to take me away", but you don't. The fruits of good parenting are so worth the tough love you put into raising your children.

It can leave your mind spinning with all the instructions on raising kids today.

His Word - it is tried and True. Time after time He gives us accounts on how He parents us. How He loves us unconditionally, even when we are unlovely. Even unlovable.

I know I have fallen short of His example many times over, but thankfully, our children when I have said I am sorry and asked for forgiveness, granted it to me. I know there are times when I have looked upon our children and felt anger, dislike at their actions, hurt, and rejected, but never have I stopped loving them unconditionally.  From ABBA I know first hand  His unconditional Love, extended grace and mercy to me and desire to pass it on to our children.  To others.  I also know He is bigger than all my numerous mistakes - past, present, future, which helps as I pick up and begin again, after yet, another fail moment.
His Word has taught me there is a difference between being a mother and a mommy.
It is only because of His Word, I experience the blessings and joys of knowing the role of "mommy" along with the fruits of this privileged and honored role He has given me.  Not only for our own biological children, but also of others He has put into our lives. 
His blessings continually rain down upon me. 

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