Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"I Come To His Garden" - 07/22/15 - Isaiah 31-34

My people will live in a peaceful neighborhood - in safe houses, in quiet gardens. (32:18)

While Nichalas/Amber were home, we ate supper and played games in Adam's home.  It was such an enjoyable night.  While there I could remember it was just a year ago I was there working.  Cleaning.  Tearing out walls.   I thought about how neat it is our ABBA knew, from the beginning of time, I would be there at that precise moment working in our Adam's home. Discovering bits of old wallpapers and wondering about the previous owners. Who they were, their taste (which seemed to have run into the flower theme), how old it was. Within each room I prayed over the areas that would one day house new memories. Nails, boards, walls, floors, all creating a place where he would be living. I prayed over his bedroom, for he and, God willing, his bride. It brought many a grin thinking about little feet belonging to neighboring pieces of our hearts, coming up on his front porch, stretching up on tiptoes to ring his bell. I prayed for moments when these little ones would one day play with Adam's future children. As I washed down walls, I also bathed them with prayers for those who would be sharing time together within them. For the hedge of ABBA to always be about this place, inside and out and around those within it.  And on that night, sitting and watching the parts of my heart creating new memories, I smiled in see ABBA answering my prayer. 
And even though a year ago there was plaster coming down, subfloors being ripped up, no furniture, no food, no clothes, no personal belongings, each day it was beginning to feel more and more like his temporary "home", while here in this life.

What joy there is knowing ABBA has set up residency wherever we live.
What peace there is feeling Him here. Amongst us and within us when we are "in" Christ.
No matter what walls we live within, we are in His safe home.  We are in His quiet garden. 

I am so very blessed.  "I come to the garden alone.  While the dew is still on the roses"

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