Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Nearer Still" - 07/23/15 - Isaiah 35-36

"With gifts of joy and gladness
as all - ALL - sorrows and sighs scurry into the night".(35:10)

Yesterday the e-mail came.  Our ABBA had come that afternoon and taken Tommy home. 

Even today, I fight the urge to cry when thinking of Franny and the kids. 

I prayed for them yesterday.  I wondered "why".  Why is it you take such a man of yours Home, when he is so needed here.  ABBA told me, "you do not and can not know the whole paradigm".

He is right and I stopped wondering, instead continuing to pray and lift Tommy's family up. 

I received a text from my cousin's wife, Brenda yesterday.  She begins her chemo next Tues. 

I prayed and lifted her and hers up to him.  And I wondered "why". 

ABBA told me, "while living in the world, you will be affected by the things sin has brought into it.  This isn't the world I intended for My Beloved's.  But remember, I have a place waiting for all who are in Me."

He is right and I stopped wondering, instead continuing to pray and lift Brenda and hers up.

I lifted up my Curt.  The weather and storms have put us behind in his spraying and it is affecting his disposition.  Which affects our relationship. 

ABBA told me, "It is my business.  You are my workers.  I am in charge of the schedule. Do not worry". 

He is right.  He has taken this business from nothing and continues to grow it.  He has supplied all of our needs and beyond.  He strengthens my faith and trust. 

We have met her once, Ms Ashley.  This young woman who is seeming to capture the heart of our Adam.  I prayed for them.  Adam's heart was terribly hurt by the last woman he dated, whose true colors came out to reveal she wasn't the woman we thought she was.  I found myself fighting the worrying mom and instead give their relationship over to ABBA. 

ABBA told me, "You have prayed for the future bride of Adam since you knew of his conception.  I love your child more than you.  I am growing him ready for the one I have picked out".

He is right.  He knows and loves our son more than we ever will be able to.  He wants only the best for him.  And I have stopped worrying and am at peace.  Knowing our ABBA holds Adam in the palm of His Hand.

We received a phone call Monday evening.  Nichalas had went into work and they had taken away his teaching responsibilities, leaving him to more or less do the jobs no one else wanted to do.  The first thing he did was turn to his ABBA in prayer and ask for guidance.  He then called our Amber, then us, to ask what we thought.  I am so thankful the advice given was based in Scripture and not from the top of our heads.  Knowing the turmoil and hurt Nichalas was enduring in regard to leaving  the boys he has mentored these past two years and grown very close to, my heart hurt as I lifted him up. 

ABBA told me, "I have great things planned for the missions I am sending Nichalas and Amber on", and I stopped hurting for our son, instead rejoicing and becoming excited for what new adventure ABBA has in store for them.

He is right.  He is always in control and all things are for His Glory.  All things are in His time.  His way. 

I came away from a full day of uninterrupted time with ABBA as I mowed in the bottoms.  He blessed me with the beauty of His nature.  His clouds.  His weather.  Even though my time praying had drawn me nearer to Him, I felt heavy hearted and drained from some of our conversations.

Coming into the drive, the cars were lined up.  Our family was here to study His Word.  There aren't enough words to express the heart lift received upon entering our living room and seeing Him shine through their bright eyes and smiles.  Just a taste of the homecoming we will receive when we arrive to our eternal Home. 

Nichalas called last night.  He sent his resume into Amber's school Monday evening after we talked and they offered him a job Tuesday.  After going to discuss with his bosses the situation, he walked to his car and heard ABBA tell him plain as day, "let go and go on Nichalas".  He did.  As we discussed everything last night, I told him he is blessed in being able to see the fruits of his labors in the growth and development which has occurred in these young men.  They will continue to have a relationship outside of school.  ABBA is still using Nichalas in their lives.  As I listened to him give glory to ABBA, I realized I too was seeing the fruits of my labors.  My ABBA prevailed over all my mistakes in parenting and has shown me our children are His.

Nichalas then told me how much he and Amber like Ashley and how good she is for Adam.  They were able to spend more time with her, while home, and are thankful she is a Christian and treasures family.

Before going to bed, Curt and I were discussing the work needed to be done and aren't so overwhelmed.  A peace and joy settled about us.

While reading this morning, ABBA told me:

 "Wilderness and desert will sing joyously, the badlands will celebrate and flower - bursting into blossom, a symphony of song and color.
Mountain glories of Lebanon - a gift.
Awesome Carmel, stunning Sharon - gifts.

God's resplendent glory, fully on display.
God awesome, God majestic.
Energize the limp hands, strengthen the rubbery knees.
Tell fearful souls, "Courage! Take heart!
God is here, right here, on His way to put things right And redress all wrongs.
He's on His way! He'll save you!"
Blind eyes will be opened, deaf ears unstopped,
Lame men and women will leap like deer, the voiceless break into song.
Springs of water will burst out in the wilderness, streams flow in the desert.
Hot sands will become a cool oasis, thirsty ground a splashing fountain.
Even lowly jackals will have water to drink, and barren grasslands flourish richly.
There will be a highway called the Holy Road.

No one rude or rebellious is permitted on this road.
It's for God's people exclusively -

impossible to get lost on this road.
Not even fools can get lost on it.
No lions on this road, no dangerous wild animals -
nothing and no one dangerous or threatening.

 Only the redeemed will walk on it.
The people God has ransomed will come back on this road.
They'll sing as they make their way home to Zion,
 unfading halos of joy encircling their heads,
Welcomed home with gifts of joy and gladness
 as all - ALL - sorrows and sighs scurry into the night.(35:1-10)


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