Thursday, July 16, 2015

"He Came To My Rescue" - 07/16/15 - Isaiah 18-22

When they cry out in prayer to God because of oppressors, He'll send them help, A Savior who will keep them safe and take care of them. (19:20)

A Savior.
Our Savior.

My Savior.

THE Savior.

There were years of my life in which I tried to fill the God void with the world. Through the use of drugs, alcohol, men, I was still left empty. Still searching.
It wasn't until the birth of our Adam that I realized I had the responsibility to raise up this gift "in" ABBA. Through years of studying His Word, I know now where that realization came from. It was through the many prayers lifted up for me from elderly women in the church I attended growing up. It was through the seeds planted while attending church camp when young. He has also blessed me in looking back and recognizing those in His family who stepped into my life, some for a short time, some for the long haul. It was through all of these tools He used to introduce me to my Savior. 

No longer am I searching, but now I am digging. Digging into the heart of my ABBA. Digging to the very center of Him to fill the whole of me.
Yesterday, under His Awesome, beautiful sky, I lifted up praises to Him.
There aren't enough words to express the feelings of falling deeper in love with Him with each breath that I take.
And how He has/is using me to introduce others to their Savior - our Christ.

"THE Savior" - who will keep them safe and take care of them.

Falling on my knees in worship,
 Giving all I am to seek Your face,
 Lord all I am is Yours.
 My whole life,
 I place in Your hands,
 God of mercy,
 Humbled I bow down,
 In your presence at Your throne.
 I called You answered,
 And You came to my rescue and I,
 I wanna be where You are.
 In my life be lifted high.
 In our world be lifted high.
 In our love be lifted high.

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