Tuesday, December 08, 2015

"His Seasons" - 12/08/15 - Romans 15-16

"so that I may come to you in joy by the will of God and find refreshing rest in your company, Now The God of peace be with you all.  Amen" (15:32-33)

Not a one. 

Not one single Christmas decoration has made its way from their storage boxes to be displayed about our home.  No matter how we try to contain it, right now, pretty much every surface of this home has a film of dry wall dust thick enough in some spots you could write your name.  We are finally on the downhill ride of remodeling our downstairs bath and any extra moment is being spent working on it.  Nichalas/Amber arrive the 20th and will be coming to stay in our home the day after Christmas.  It would be nice to have it at least usable by then.  If not, all will be okay.

I used to become so stressed out over Christmas.  "Superwoman" trying to do it ALL.  Totally missing the "reason for the season" and trying to create "the perfect one". 

It never was. 

There would be brunt cookies amongst dozens upon dozens of the edible.   Dinners would not be pulled out of the oven as guests pulled into the drive.  Nights would be falling into bed late and exhausted from all the "trying to squeeze in every moment visiting with every one".  And then due to the stress, fatigue, home being in disarray, instead of "Joy to the World" music, there was the yelling and screaming at the tops of our heads. 

Christmas used to be the holiday I most dreaded. 

Until I stopped. 

We started to make it all about Jesus.  The real reason of Christmas.  We cut back to three gifts each, representing the gifts to our Christ from the Wise Men.  We cut back on our visiting, instead each of us choosing ones who didn't have a full life of persons.  Taking them cookies, not burnt, and sitting for a spell to visit.  We began to play more board games, dinners were scaled back to soups, sandwiches, appetizers.  The house no longer was decorated in each and every corner, instead hitting only the high traffic spots. 

I read through the Scriptures this morning and He grabbed me at this verse
"so that I may come to you in joy by the will of God and find refreshing rest in your company, Now The God of peace be with you all.  Amen" (15:32-33)

Nichalas/Amber will soon begin traveling over 27 hours to make it home.  There are some who will drive only a short distance.  No matter - my prayer is all who come through our doors will feel "at home".  "Welcome".  I pray all will come "in joy", anticipating a time of being together in Love.  in Peace.  in Harmony.

And not only for the Christmas season.  For all seasons of this life.  I pray all will "find refreshing rest in my company". 

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