Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Out Of Faith" - 12/17/15 - Titus 1-3

"and let our people also learn to engage in good deeds to meet pressing needs, that they may not be unfruitful." (3:14)

One of the many things I have learned about faith is as it grows - fear diminishes. 
As faith grows - sin doesn't have as many footholds as it once did. 

Fear used to be ever present in my life. 

I allowed it to guide me focusing more on the "what if's", the rejections (which may or may not occur).  I allowed it to be my excuse to stay in my comfort zone.

From my earliest memories, I have always been afraid of anger.  Of conflict. 
Even when I was out in public and strangers across the store were arguing, I would be afraid they would turn, look at me and blame me for their predicament.   I was always afraid I wouldn't measure up, be able to do the task at hand.  It was too easy to beat myself up over a situation, lacking confidence that I was good at something.  At anything.

I was choosing fear over faith.

One of the greatest gifts I have gained from being in His Word is knowing,  He has "put me together and shaped me up - for the works He has for me".  He has prepared me.  Equipped me.  Designed me.  Put me where He needs me to be.  He has given me the instruction manual in His Word.  I am not walking blind or confused.

For the most part, instead of walking in fear - I now walk in excitement.  I look forward to what is around the next corner.  I walk hand in hand with Him as we celebrate this journey together.  He has given me comfort and encouragement in seeing although I am not perfect, there are quite a few successful works behind "us". 

 It is all because of Him.  Of Him using me as a vessel for Him.   In our marriage, our children, our relationships with family, friends.  In our business.  In all of my life. 

So, when the times come where I doubt, focusing on fear, He reminds me - I can stand firm in His Word - on and in Him.  He has promised me - "in" Him - I am prepared for His works He has set before me. 

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