Saturday, December 05, 2015

"Kneaded Hearts" - 12/05/15 Romans 4-7

"Fortunate those whose crimes are carted off, whose sins are wiped clean from the slate.         Fortunate the person against whom the Lord does not keep score."(4:7-8)
As a Christian, we strive to be Christlike to all.  We strive to love as He loves.  We strive. 
And with our ABBA's help, only then are we able to. 
There are times when we will inflict pain upon each other,  knowingly or unknowingly, and we must choose to forgive.  To Love.  To pray.  Or we can choose to not forgive and harbor anger, bitterness, thoughts of revenge against one another.  Elements that will eat into our heart and come in between our relationship with Christ.  And one another. 
Thankfully, ABBA has and is helping me in this area.  The moments of anger, defensiveness, taking things personal, have become less than the moments of feeling sorrowful and lifting others up in prayer.  Not only for their hearts to change, but mine as well. 
I pray for the Holy Spirit to knead into our hearts - Him. 
While listening once to a sermon on the gifts of Grace and Mercy, I recognized there is one whom I don't extend the gift of forgiveness to.  One whom I beat up continually, look for flaws, berate for the sins of the past, see as continually falling short in their walk.  One whom I see through my eyes  more often than seeing them through His eyes.  One whom I look and see ugliness rather than being of His Beauty. Believing lies instead of His Truths.
That person is me.  myself.  and I.
In hearing how others speak of themselves, I know I am not alone in the way of my thinking.  Why is that?  Why is it we are able to extend all the gifts of Love, Forgiveness, Grace, Mercy to others, yet not as readily to ourselves? 
"We" who are made in His Image.  "We" whom He loved so much He gave His only Begotten Son.  "We" whom He desires to be with as our Bestest Friend.  Our Lord.  
David said it so right: 
"Fortunate those whose crimes are carted off, whose sins are wiped clean from the slate.        
Fortunate the person against whom The Lord does not keep score".
When "in" ABBA - He doesn't keep score.  Our sins are wiped clean from the slate.
So.  Whyever am I not letting Him be God and putting myself in His place regarding "me".
What. a. fool. 
Each moment given to us is the time to start living life as a "fortunate" one of His. 
Standing in Faith and living - knowing His Words are also meant for "me". For "you". 
 Living "in" this state of freedom will draw others to Him. 
"Others" who will see and desire also.
A life living "in" the freedom of Him.

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