Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"The Battle Rages" - 12/29/15 - Revelation 14-16

"Here is the perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus."  (14:12)

 Revelation is a hard read for me.  I don't understand most of the writings.  I try to picture the images and come away even more perplexed.  I do know it is in regard to the second coming.  The end times. 

Many speculate what it means, when the account of Revelation becomes.  All I know is when Christ ascended into Heaven, the end days began.

Living a life in Christ isn't easy.  All about us the spiritual warfare is continuing and many times we walk along oblivious to the damage.  Or as I struggle, taking everything personal and allow everything to become about "me".  It is during those times of being so consumed with "self" I am not realizing I am meant to be a Warrior for our ABBA.  No matter the circumstances.  No matter the attacks. 

So many souls have yet to give their lives over to our Christ.  So many souls stumble about, lost in the wasteland of sin.  So many souls Christ has left us with orders to harvest.

I haven't any concern over my soul.  It is saved eternally through The Blood of my Savior. 

I do know, each and every person He puts into my path is someone He is wanting to use me for.  It may be for introducing them to Him, encouraging them in their walk in Him, to just offer love as a healing balm from the injuries sustained while on the battlefield. 

I also know, while reading Revelation, to end this time on earth without Him is hell.  To be in a place where there isn't any of Him - will be hell as we have never known.  Total separation from our ABBA. 

I come away from my time spent in His Word realizing, it isn't about my soul.  It is about those that know Him not. 

The end days are upon us.  Live as though those who do not know Him are dying and you - you - are His Warrior. 

For in reality - that is exactly what our life here is all about. Each of us are dying as we are journeying towards Home. Be one who is bringing as many as you can.

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