Friday, December 25, 2015

"Loved Completely" - 12/25/15 - 2 John, 3 John

"But permit me a reminder, friends, and this is not a new commandment but simply a repetition of our original and basic charter: that we love each other."(2 John 1:5)
A season of firsts.

This is the first Christmas morning Curt and I have shared alone in 30 years.  Yesterday was the first of having both our sons celebrating with ones who complete them.  Our Amber, Ashley, Charlie, and Ella.  It is the first Christmas we have had little ones in our immediate family in a very long while.  It is the first Christmas I have shopped for grandchildren.  

And amongst the "first" were the traditions.  We listened as Curt read The account of The Birth of our Savior.  We held hands in a circle and each prayed thanksgiving to our ABBA for blessings given throughout the year.  We watched as each opened their presents.  Loving the reactions.  It was another year of having our Marty with us.  It was another time of our home being full of Him through those who are here "because of two people".  

There were other dinners and events calling our children, so it was Curt and myself attending Christmas Eve Services.  I loved walking in and seeing my extended family within those walls. Surprised by seeing our friends Don and Karen, blessed to take a seat beside them and catch up a bit.  During the services, my heart filled up as I looked about and saw those whom I love dearly.  All singing praises to our ABBA.  All who are family "because of one Savior".   

She sat with her young toddler asleep on her lap as I made my way over to her.  Christmas Eve services had just finished up and I needed, not just wanted, to say hello.  One of my many "sisters" in Christ.  Looking up and seeing me, her eyes became bright, her arm raised up to envelope me into a hug.  She whispered into my ear, "my heart burst whenever I see your smile". 

Walking through the doors earlier, there were those who  greeted with their love for me showing through their eyes.  One young "sister" stood leaning against the wall, upon seeing me she broke into a run and wrapped herself about me.  Another "sister" came up and gave her mischievous grin and shared her love with not only me, but Curt as well.  

Afterwards my sister, Teresa, and her family shared supper with us in our home.  This is a tradition I have come to need throughout the years.  The time to sit and relax during this busy season.  A time to visit and laugh until tears flow from our eyes.  To be with this family whom I love from the bottom of my heart. 
Today we shared the noon meal with my Holtschlag family.  It seems impossible 33 years have passed since the first one.  Many new faces have come in that time amongst the memories of those who are no longer with us.  We were wondering today how different it would be if Curt's dad were still living.  To see we are now the age of those we looked upon as "old" (knowing we are now looked upon as "old").  Funny how time has a way of going too fast, too soon. 
In thinking about time, I pray for those who have not their loved ones here on this earth.  I pray for those who are suffering, who are going through a valley.  I pray they will find Him.  For through Him is the Peace that surpasses all understandings.  I pray I may show love to all, as I am shown from others. 
Continually, my mind goes into overload, memories made and being made. It isn't just during this season of Christmas, but it is each and every day. It is during each and every moment. ABBA gives me reminders through cards, text, phone calls, messages, physical touch and bright eyes. .   
Words.  Hugs.  Expressions.  All of Love. All from Him.  How very loved I am.

Merry Christmas indeed.  My heart is near to bursting from His gifts.  

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