Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Servant For Him" - 12/23/15 - 2 Peter 1-3, Jude

 "I, Jude, am a slave to Jesus Christ and brother to James, writing to those Loved by God, The Father, called and kept safe by Jesus Christ. Relax, everything’s going to be all right; rest, everything’s coming together; open your hearts, Love is on the way!" (Jude 1:1-2)


Jude opened his letter with his introduction as "slave" to Jesus Christ.   
He could have written, "half brother".  Willingly, he lowered his position to be underneath his half brother who happened to be The Savior of the world.  Earlier in Scripture, there are accounts of Christ's earthly family rejecting His being The Messiah.  I don't know if Jude was one of the brothers who made fun of Him, came with their mother to put Him away because they felt He had lost His mind, but I do know his introduction paints a picture of a humble man. 

This is yet another example of how I am to be a humble woman in and for my ABBA.  I could easily spout off the many verses stating the fact I am His beloved, His daughter, His, when attacked by the worldly persons.  I struggle at times, less than I used to, to defend myself.  

How He has/is transforming my heart. 

I rejoice in the freedom of letting go of expectations and drinking in the moments He has given me.  I stand firm and bask in the blessings from The Fruits of The Spirit, not allowing anything to rob me of them. There is a struggle though, when His Truth comes out, casting Light upon lies, not to stand in self-righteousness, not to scream out, "I told you so". 

He reminds me, but for His grace, I would be where the world is.  If not for His defending me, I am nothing.  It isn't anything I have done.  It is all about Him.   He is showing me the many whom are lost and in such deep need of Him - as I once was.

To be a servant for my Master, means being a servant to others.

Even the unlovely.  The ones who need Him most.  The "ones" I used to be as.  The "ones" I sometimes still am like. 

My Master loves me, even in my unloveliness.  His transforming me, is enabling me to love as He loves.  No matter how unlovely. 

                                                      My Master - who became a Servant for me.

Jude could have easily written his letter in a self-righteous manner, but he didn't.  He cast aside his "credentials", so all who read his words would see, he came from the same place the lost do - outside of God.  He would be in the same place they were, if He didn't have his Master - Christ Jesus.

He was able to love as Christ loves, because he set aside self and looked at all, all, through the eyes of His Savior.  In doing this, God's Glory shines through, without any hindrance from Jude.

His humbleness is there throughout all his words.

My ABBA is growing me, transforming me.  It is only "in" Him I am able to be truly humble.
So His Glory does shine through - with less hindrance from me.

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