Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"His Excellent Soup" - 02/22/17 - Number 26-27

"The Spirit is in him!" (27:18)

There is an old story, "Stone Soup",  I remember reading to the boys when they were little.

A beggar asked alms at a lordly mansion, but was told by the servants they had nothing to give him.  "Sorry for it," said the man, "but will you let me boil a little water to make some soup of this stone?"  This was so novel a proceeding, that the curiosity of the servants was aroused, and the man was readily furnished with saucepan, water, and spoon.  In he popped the stone, and he begged for a little salt and pepper for flavoring.  Stirring the water and tasting it, he said, it would be the better for any fragments of meat and vegetables they might happen to have.  These were supplied, and ultimately he asked for a little catsup and other sauce.  When fully boiled and fit, each of the servants tasted it, and declared that the stone soup was excellent.

How thankful and blessed we are when we come to our Lord we don't have to beg. He welcomes us with open arms and gives to us all that He has. Even though our status is of a beggar, He treats us as His prince or princess.

Because that is what and whom we are.

Royalty. For our ABBA is The King of Kings.

Our King! When we give our lives over to Him, we become His sons and daughters.

He gives us not only The Gift of eternal life through Christ, He gives us The Gift of His Spirit to live within each of us - His temple. How often do we take this for granted, do not think of it at all.

In Him - We are His temple.

His Spirit lives within us,

The God who created this universe and all it holds - lives within us.


His Spirit who guides, protects, comforts, moans and groans relaying our hearts to Him, celebrates -

lives within us.
Our hearts are a vessel He fills with water, pure and clean, in which we make the choice to put in His stone. 
Our Rock. 
When I first received my Rock,  I couldn't make sense as to why He wanted it within my heart.  But then His breath blew into the embers and the flame that came from Him began to heat the water.  He added to my heart My Savior, His Son - the marrow bones becoming a broth.  Through His Word came the seasonings.  The Fruits of the Spirit, of life, His Armor, Him.  The Holy Spirit constantly stirring.  Through His family surrounding me, came the ingredients (gifts and talents) I didn't have.

And as I looked into my vessel I could see floating on top amongst the ingredients God had put in, inedible items which were poison in my soup.  Items served up on the platter of doubt by satan.  Items which I had taken off the platter and put in myself, thinking they were needed to enhance the flavor.  Sticks and decayed leaves of fear, insecurities, anger, bitterness, items of sin.  

And The Holy Spirit continually lifts up the slotted spoon, straining out the items bringing poison into the soup.

The soup He creates out of our nothing - our emptiness. The soup, that with continued stirring brings up the hidden sediments laying in the bottom or the ones plainly seen floating on the top, which He removes.

Making it The Perfect Soup.

It isn't until I am with my Abba that we will eat of the soup. It is on that day we shall taste of it together and He will declare it excellent!

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