Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"We. His Holy Ones" - 02/14/17 - Numbers 7

"They had to carry the holy things for which they were responsible on their shoulders." (7:9)

My Family in Him. 

We are all different in this family of ours.  

Some have broader shoulders, some have stronger arms and legs.  Some have the energy of youth and some enjoy sitting and watching others in action.  Some have the crown of wisdom adorning their head in the lovely shade of gray. Some are just learning the art of hair coloring.  And some who haven't any hair at all.  There are some who are the life of the party and some who have just as much fun observing the goings on. 

We are all different, yet related because we are of the same blood - His.

Each one of us.  Created in His image

Through our Savior we are all made Holy.

In His family, we are responsible for each other.  And at different times, each of us is to carry the other - as sometimes we will be carried.

When His family is obeying His commands, following His Christlike example - His family works. 

I love the times my family in Him has surrounded me in love when attacked from the world. Knowing we are all standing together as His Warriors in this spiritual warfare. How He has blessed me the many times when siblings are there for me or when I am there for them .  

I love the great joy that is shared amongst us when we celebrate life events that are of Him.  In encouraging each other in the hardships, trials and tribulations.  The accountability that is there during temptations and valleys.  To help each other along in our journey of intimacy in Him.  To lift each other up in prayer, to lean on each others shoulders, and at times to even cry upon them.  

I love the reassuring hug, the pat on the back, the twinkle in the glad eyes when seeing each other.  Delighting in each others company.  Exchanging words or sometimes just sharing a space.  These are just some of the acts of His Loving us through one another.

The thankfulness I have in how He opened my eyes to see what a treasury of family He has blessed me with.  Knowing we are not holy things, but His holy children.  Precious to Him and to each other. 

Happy Valentine's Day.  No greater gift than The Love He pours down upon us.

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