Sunday, February 12, 2017

"His Priest" - 02/12/17 - Numbers 3-4

Protect them so they will live and not die when they come near the most holy things. To protect them, Aaron and his sons are to precede them into the Sanctuary and assign each man his task and what he is to carry. (4:17-18)


All that Christ did for us so we may crawl up into our Daddy's lap.  So we may be in an intimate relationship with the Holy of Holy.  Protected.

Because of Him,  we are  now the Sanctuary in which His Holy Spirit lives.  Our helper.  

He preceded us so we may come near The Most Holy.  

Our Daddy.  Our Abba.  OurFather.  

He has assigned all of His a task through The Great Commission from Christ  "As I go, as I live,  make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit" (Matthew 28:19)

How are we at carrying it out.  How have we changed through each season we are in?  Is there more of an urgency "as we go"?  Are we so "in" love with Him  - that with everything we are - it is to please Him?  Are we watching, at the ready, to respond as Christ when a "Divine Appointment" is set before us?  Are we honored and blessed with how He uses us or do we react by grumbling?  Do we utilize our gifts and talents for Him?  For His Kingdom?  Do we see Him everywhere about us? 

Or is "as I go" all about "me"?

Christ preceded us.  He did this by giving His life.  He became the ultimate sacrifice for each and every one of us.  

I stand before Him knowing that the answer to those questions is often revolved around "me".  "My" wants.  Staying in "my" comfort zone while enjoying His blessings.  

How selfish and unlovely of "me".  

May our hearts Love as His does.  May our eyes identify and may our hands reach out to those who are lost.  May our hearts break for what breaks His.  

May we, His priest, always and in all ways,  watch and be at the ready as He uses "us" to make Disciples.

"as we go"  

"as we live".

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