Saturday, February 04, 2017

"I Love" - 02/04/17 - Leviticus 11-13

"he is unclean: he shall dwell alone; without the camp shall his dwelling be." (13:46)

I noticed a message on my phone when leaving the YMCA after Charlie's basketball game.  Calling her back, hearing noises in the background, I asked where she was.  They had just sat down to eat at Village Inn.  Without hesitation I told her we would be right there. 

I love our ABBA's timing.  We were just down the street from Village Inn.  Isn't He the most Awesome!  He knows how very much I love being with my sister and brother in Christ.  He knows our schedules have prevented us from spending much time together lately.  He knew we needed to sit and share a meal. 

I love how He has given us so many sisters and brothers.  Too many to count.  In all different parts of this world.  I love how when we are together He is The Center of  our relationships.  How He grows our whole being through the times of becoming closer, through the sharing of our hearts and lives.  Being vulnerable just being ourselves and knowing - without doubt - we unconditionally love each other deeply.  As He loves each one of us. 

I love how we are able to be together without the masks we put on when in the world.  To be as He made us to be.  Such freedom.

I love knowing - without doubt - because He has cleansed us - we are never alone. 

I love knowing when "in" Him, we are living within the camp and not without.  Not without the siblings He has blessed us with.  Not without the unconditional love we receive from Him through His Family.

I love knowing "in" Him, we will never have to cry out, "unclean", "unclean". 
For through our Savior.  Each of us belong. 
Forever and then some. 

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