Monday, February 20, 2017

"We Climb" - 02/20/17 - Numbers 20-22

"So take Aaron and his son Eleazar and lead them up Mount Hor
Remove Aaron's clothes from him and put them on his son Eleazar. 
Aaron will be gathered there; Aaron will die." 
(Aaron was 123 years old when he died on Mount Hor."(20:26)

While in Phoenix visiting Nichalas and Amber, I always try to climb the mountains they live near.  To make it even more of a challenge, I go off the beaten path and instead take the ones less traveled.
There is one I have "conquered" annually for the past four years and this year it again kicked me in the behind.  

Over and over as I climb, my mind thinks about Moses and I am encouraged.  His climbing Mt. Sinai to visit with God when over 80 years old and receiving the 10 commandments.  I wonder if he even had paths to follow.  As I am huffing and puffing, my body in agony I realize how out of shape I am and how in shape he had to have been not only at 80, but also at over 100.  

I realized our ABBA has provided us with many accounts of those who He has commanded to climb mountains.  Abraham (over a 100 years old) with Isaac, Moses not once but three times and the last two he also was well over a 100. 
This is a picture of 
Mt. Hor.


I hadn't realized until I saw a picture how this was quite a mountain to climb at any age. What did they talk about? Their life together, growing up- while apart - growing old - the journey God had taken them on? How was Eleazar feeling? Did he know, have any idea? Did Moses share with Aaron what God had said - or did Aaron already know? Did they bury him or leave his body to the elements? Did God bury him? I imagine this climb was as hard on Moses as Abraham's was with Isaac, knowing he would be coming back down the mountain without the one they were making the climb with.  

Even when we have faith and know without a doubt where one in Christ will go - death is hard......Bittersweet.
 In my selfishness I desire the persons to remain here with me. I think often of those who have gone before me - and how I miss them.  Our two babies - wondering what they'd look like - be like. They would have been 30 and 27 this year.  I think often about how different our lives would have been with them here.  My three grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends - missing them even more so as years go by.

The other night as I was falling asleep, I was thinking about the fact I am on the downhill side of life. At times it scares me, how quickly time flies - the years. It motivates me to get my life organized - my home, etc. It gives me a sense of urgency to look/act on opportunities and Divine Appointments He places before me.  I look and see all of the "Moses" He has put into my life and heart, making this climb with me.

I remember in 1989, while living in Kearney, MO, God suddenly weighed upon my heart for days to call my cousin, Cyndi, whom I hadn't spoken to in years.  And although I didn't have her contact information, I had ways of obtaining it.  

During those days I continued ignoring His urging and didn't make that call or write a letter until I received a call. 
A call telling me Cyndi had suddenly died on her couch.  During her autopsy, it was discovered she had congestive heart failure. She was 30 years old.
Whenever I think about not following ABBA's urging then, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Talk about wishing for a do-over. I think about her life, how lost she was, and wonder if God was trying to use me as a lifeline to Him. Or maybe just to touch base and give her some joy in reminiscing about our past times together. We were very close growing up, and unfortunately our lifestyles, choices, distance had drawn us apart. No fights or anything - just drifted apart.
But perhaps, He wanted to use me as a "Moses" in her climb up the mountain. 
I know I can not be a "Moses" to everyone, but I can be a light for Christ to everyone I meet. Even if only for a moment. He is so strong, so Awesome, and can do so much more in a moment than I can in a lifetime.

We discussed in Bible Study one time,  what tool in His tool box do we think we are.  I feel it depends on the season, the job, the need, is what determines the "tool" we are.  As I age, I pray I do not ignore His urging and am the whatever and however needed "tool" for Him.  I pray I will choose to be His tool to others, so we don't have to climb through this life alone.
For each one of us is dying, making our journey to the mountain top.
To remove our clothes and be gathered there.
Everyone will die.  
And we all need to be at the ready, as was Moses, no matter our age, to climb with each other.  For we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

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