Friday, February 03, 2017

"His - How They Delight My Heart" - 02/03/17 - Leviticus 8-10

"Distinguish between the holy and the common, between the ritually clean and unclean."  (10:10)

We sat eating pie after our Wednesday night Bible Study.  And my heart smiled. 
Our eyes caught, his in the surprise of seeing us there.  Standing in line for his mom's visitation.  And my heart through sadness smiled.
Hands were held tight as we sat together, a circle of praying, worship of our ABBA.  My heart rejoiced.
Bright eyes falling upon me as I walk through this world, showing their delight in seeing me.  My heart fills up. 
Memories of those I share this life with abound and the treasury of riches within my heart is overflowing.
His Family.  My Family.
In this world of darkness, I am so grateful when I encounter a brother or sister unexpectedly.  To be out of my comfort zone, look across the room at a stranger, and hear The Holy Spirit tell me - "there is on of your siblings". 

And you just know.  Without a doubt.  They too.  Are His child.  His Family.  Our Family.  My Family.

It isn't because we dress like royalty, but you can see we are clothed "in" Him.  There isn't a neon arrow pointing us out, yet His Light radiates from within each one of us.  We aren't surrounded by body guards, but His angels, His Spirit surrounds all of us.  Our Christ is the bond drawing us towards one another.

It is because He lives within our hearts, that people looking are able to distinguish us between The Holy and the common.  It is because of His blood we are covered and clean.  He is why we stand out in the crowd of the world.  He is also why we are rejected, attacked, bullied, and ostracized as an alien in this land.  The way we are supposed to be - not of the world, but in the world.

We "in" Him are different.

 I love hearing the "small world" stories people share.  I love no matter the distance from our comfort zone, He provides a family member to be there to encourage and lift us up.  Or to be there as a fellow warrior in this spiritual battle we are constantly in. 

Our ABBA lets us know in so many ways.  We are never alone. 
Our ABBA cares and loves us so much, He provides all we need. 
Including "family".  As we go.  As we live. 

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