Sunday, February 12, 2017

"His Order" - 02/11/17 - Numbers 1-2

"The People of Israel did everything the way God commanded Moses: They camped under their respective flags; they marched by tribe with their ancestral families."(2:34)

There is such an order about God. The way He has designed everything.


Every single thing.

This wasn't some rag tag group of over 603,550 people. They were organized. In order. I can only imagine what this sea of people looked like from afar. The gold, jewels, their clothes, shoes that never wore out. All being led by a pillar of fire at night and a cloud in the day.

And still the people had a choice. 
As do we. 

To do everything the way God commanded.
For it is His way or the highway so to speak. 
Or  on our own. 
Either away from His care - or under His wing in the palm of His hand.

My life -  How well ordered is it? I strive to be a good steward of all He has blessed me with.  It is so I may be at the ready, but I am tired of losing precious time looking for "something" or taking care of all the excess "stuff". 

Stuff can be such a burden when not organized, sorted through and casting out what is not needed or used. I don't imagine the Israelites had a lot of "stuff" to load around. Reminds me of the wagon trains that headed west. Upon leaving they took so many "things" they couldn't live without, only having to leave it along the trail on their journey. I don't want to continue my journey with "stuff" I think I can't live without only to realize when it is too late,  I've been carrying all the wrong "stuff".

 I want my "stuff" to be about Him - eternity - love.
Most importantly is our spiritual life.  How well ordered is it?  I love how He transforms our hearts while going through His word.  Setting our priorities, living, being as He desires.

Being organized - order in life. So like the universe He created. He created for six days and Sabbath on the seventh. Do we "create" six days and Sabbath on the seventh? Do we Sabbath everyday?  Doing this isn't just a blessing for ourselves, it richness our relationship with Him and our relationships with everyone and everything.

I love how His Scripture is so alive.
How it all corresponds within itself.
How His Word gives order to the all of our lives.

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