Thursday, February 02, 2017

"So Very Loved" - 02/02/17 - Leviticus 5-7

“If you can’t afford a"(5:7)

Each time for a sin committed, there was a sacrifice to be made.  Each time our ABBA listed what that sacrifice was to be.  And each time, He would make an allowance for the sacrifice to be what they could afford.  From a lamb, to a dove, to two quarts of fine flour. 

But even the fine flour was a sacrifice for some. 

He requires a sacrifice for our sins.

All of The Old Testament is leading up to The New Covenant we are able to enter into today.  No longer is there a need to bring the sacrifice to the alter to cover our sins. 

He required a sacrifice for our sins.
He provided that sacrifice.

He provided the most treasured part of Him.

His Son.

He did this knowing there isn't any sacrifice we could provide that would be lasting.  Eternally.  A sacrifice that would cover the all of our sins of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

He knew we couldn't afford and He provided. 
Oh.  How He LOVES each and every one of us.

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