Monday, June 05, 2017

"Dumping Our List (pun intended)" - 06/05/17 - Ezekiel 18-20

"I won't keep a list of all the things he did wrong.

He will live.
Do you think I take any pleasure in the death of wicked men and women?
Isn't it My pleasure that they turn around,
no longer living wrong but living right - really living?" (18:22-23)

While sitting at our table visiting, waiting for our food, across the room a flash of white caught my eye as the woman exited the restroom.  She was totally unaware of the white tail caught on the bottom of her shoe that was following her. I caught up to her and quietly told her. Her face flushed as she quickly turned, head down and reentered the restroom.  When she came back, her eyes scanned the room and came to rest on me, sending me a silent thank- you. She was smiling and I smiled back.

Seems at times we are all guilty of not checking our "list" at the door. 
 satan puts his dollop of super glue on the list and we continue to live life with it trailing behind us. Or in front of us. Depending on the circumstances.  Of where our focus is.

Seems at times we forget about His Grace and Mercy.
How His Blood has cleansed us. Redeemed us.
When "in" Him, we are no longer the sinner we once were.
Why ever do we choose to carry this list with us when we don't have to?
Or the times we cringe when others keep their own list of our sins, instead of standing firm in His Truth.  All this does is cause us to be embarrassed. To walk with our self weighed down in shame and doubt. It inhibits us from being the Warrior for Him.  Whom He designed us to be.

He has surrounded us with The Truth of His Word. The Holy Spirit lives within and about us. His Family holds us accountable and affirms us in Love. 
Throughout the verses this morning, you can hear how repulsed our ABBA is over the vile sins.  He desires with all He is to wash us white as snow and remove the stain of sin from our souls.  He desires to be with us Eternally.
Listen and stand firm in His Truths.
They are being spoken to remind us.
He desires nothing more than for us to "no longer living wrong but living right - really living."  Eternally.

God is telling us through The Gift of our Savior:
Right there with the used TP.
He finds sin totally repulsive.  As we need to as well.  We need to dump it where it belongs. 

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