Monday, June 19, 2017

"Wander No More" - 06/19/17 - Amos 6-9

People will drift from one end of the country to the other, roam to the north, wander to the east. They'll go anywhere, listen to anyone, hoping to hear God's Word - but they won't hear it. (8:12)

me - this lost years ago.
what a dissolute way I went through life.
So thankful His Word has/is transforming my heart.
How I love "living" life with/for Him!

No more drifting.  No more wandering.  No more living life without hope. 

Whom are you sharing His Word with - in actual speech, actions, heart?  
Whom are you sharing His Love with as you go?
I was looking at His sky the other night. The different dimensions stood out as the clouds moved through in front of His beautiful bright moon.  Day or night, the wonderment of His skies always leaves me breathless.  With thanksgiving I praised Him for making this world in different dimensions.
The beauty of shadows, the depths of colors, the display of shapes. How bland this world would be if not in 3D. Much like the gift of His Love. Could you imagine what it would be like not experiencing the depth, the width of His Love? To not experience the different persons and their way of loving?

His nature.  His people.  Just a taste of His Awesomeness.
Enjoy this day He has blessed you with! No more wandering.  Safe "in" Him.

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