Sunday, June 25, 2017

"In Him - We Shine! Shimmer! Glow!" - 06/26/17 - Zechariah 8-14

"Then God will come into view, His arrows flashing like lightning! Master God will blast His trumpet and set out in a whirlwind. God-of-the-Angel-Armies will protect them - all-out war, The war to end all wars, no holds barred.  Their God will save the day. He'll rescue them. They'll become like sheep, gentle and soft, Or like gemstones in a crown, catching all the colors of the sun.  Then how they'll shine! shimmer! glow! the young men robust, the young women lovely! (9:14-17)

Whenever I look at the moon, I will remember my Aunt Sheryl telling me how she draws comfort  looking at the moon and knowing, the same one is shining down upon those she loves and is apart from.  How it is a beautiful orb symbolizing to us that our ABBA is with each one of us as well.  24/7.  No matter where we are.  The time.  The distance. 

I love standing at the dining room picture window and looking out at the full moon giving off so much light.  Illuminating everything about our home in the soft glow, peeking through the tree tops as it makes its way across the night sky.  The clouds dancing by are almost glowing. 

Alone.  The moon is unable to give off any light.  It takes the light of our sun being reflected from its surface to illuminate the world below.   

Standing at the kitchen window this morning, the sunlight brought my attention to them.  Strands upon strands of spider webs, clinging to the railing of the deck.  There would be a great feasting upon the many bugs caught up in them.  The gentle breeze moving them, reflecting His light like diamonds.   Sparkling. 

Without the sunlight, I wouldn't have noticed them.  Without the sunlight, our moon would not stand out from the darkness of the skies. 

Without His Sonlight - our heart wouldn't be transformed, transforming, to where He has brought us today.  We wouldn't notice the all of  beauty He has set before us.
Without His Sonlight reflecting off our heart,  our life and heart would be in darkness. 

These verses He has given me today are filled with the word pictures of His Light.  How exciting to see the display of His Glory face to face one day.  But until then, we are able to see it everywhere we look.  In His nature, His people, even in "me". 

Slowly I am finally seeing that I am also one of His Masterpieces. 

Not because of anything I have done, only because of Him.  Only because He reflects off of me.  Only because of Him do I sparkle and dance.  Only because of Him am I "like gemstones in a crown, catching all the colors of the sun."  A gemstone in His Crown.

Only because of Him do we now,  "shine! shimmer! glow! His child lovely!"

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