Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Gray" - 03/30/13 - Joshua 22:1-24:33

“Now, stay strong and steady. (23:6) Because God is God, your God. Because He fights for you, just as He promised you. (23:10)

Black and white - no gray with God. 

It is either His way or none.  No in between, straddling the fence.  Christ said He will spit out the lukewarm.

Standing up in Truth is hard.  Particularly, when it is with those that we believe are to love us.  How quickly it is forgotten that throughout the years and tears, we stood beside them when times of trouble came.  Gave up our time, our home, parts of our life to be there.

Because God led us to. 

And when evil steps in and rears its ugly head - we are left standing alone. 

We quickly learn that what we thought was love - wasn't. 

It is obvious that we were being used for their benefit. 

But, the truth we stand firm in is that God fights for us.  All we do, we try to do for His glory.  When we begin to do it for self, then rejection becomes personal.  We lose focus, begin to partake in the self pity party.  Bitterness, revenge, defensiveness come as our guest.

He tells us to "stay strong and steady". 

The sea of life becomes at times so rough we think we will drown. 

Doubt is there waiting to be picked up and to become our focus. 

Doubt that God has our back.  Doubt that the Truth we are standing firm in, isn't Truth  - that their way of life is.  Doubt that Healthy Boundaries aren't needed - that it is okay to walk in the gray.

Because God is our God - we know that doubt is the lie.  He is fighting for us, no matter the pain, sorrow, anger we feel - He is fighting for us. 

We need to focus beyond -  - that He has already won. 

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