Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Shaking the Dust" - 03/24/13 - Joshua 7:1-9:27, 1 Chronicles 2:7

"The men of Israel looked them over and accepted the evidence. But they didn’t ask God about it." (Joshua 9:14),

Have you ever been torn by what is set before you in the evidence?  That what is going on, you know that it isn't according to God, yet you go ahead and accept it?  Let it become a part of you and your life. 

Or sometimes, do you see the evidence - know it isn't of God - and take a stand? 

A stand in God - even if it means separation. 

satan throws forth his tool of "doubt".  It lays there and we acknowledge it instead of ignoring it.  At times we even pick it up and consider putting it into our pockets.  And sometimes, we go ahead and do.  satan can only present doubt to our lives.  Only we can insert it into our hearts, minds - our pockets.  We begin to doubt if His way is the best and insert our own rules. 

Joshua and the men of Israel had so many questions for the people of Gibeon, but not one for God.  Because of that, they had to live life with them and there were consequences of their decision. 

He is the most important one to present our questions to.  How often do we go on and neglect doing that?

I struggle now with "shake the dust off your feet.".  How do you not take personal when you are attacked or rejected for standing in Truth?  It doesn't matter what is said or done to me - it is how do I react to that?  Do you go on and ignore?  Exclude?  Are they dead to you in life, but alive in your prayers for them?  Do I allow them in my life as the Gibeon's were to the Israelites and have faith that God will get me through the consequences of that?  Or upon seeing the evidence -  their fruits -  they aren't Christlike, do I journey on apart from them? 

Curt and I were talking that in order for our lives to be intertwined, they have shown us by their behavior, it is their way or the highway.  If we do step down to their way, we are stepping outside of Truth and away from Him. 

That isn't even an option. 

My question to Him is, "how do you remain Christlike to one, that because of the evidence, you're to "shake the dust off your feet."?

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